Winter weather and scaffolding – tips for staying safe

It is clear that you should always take measures to ensure everyone is safe in relation to access when working. This is even more important when it comes to scaffold. As the leading name for scaffolding Prudhoe has, we appreciate this. We also understand that additional steps are necessary with the changing of the weather. Staff wellbeing is a priority that no one should ever overlook. You should remain vigilant at all times to protect people and those passing by the temporary structure.

Risky Conditions

Winter is a season known for being wet and cold. Snow, ice, wind, and heavy rain can all heavily impact individuals and teams carrying out a job. In the worst cases it means a project cannot continue.

Bad weather increases the likelihood of people slipping and falling. The height of scaffolding makes the risk even greater. Wooden walking planks and ladders can become very slippery in rain, snow, and especially ice. Wind can also result in people losing their balance. There is even the possibility of materials and equipment falling.

What You Can Do About It

The first and best thing to do is to keep an eye on the weather. This way you will know when to prepare and put measures in place. While this weather is more common during winter, it can also happen throughout the year. This means that whenever you work you need to pay attention to the forecasts.

Making sure people dress correctly and taking regular breaks in the warm can improve productivity. You should also have lighting in place as dark nights can stop people from being seen by others. Spotlights, torches, and high visibility can all help with safety.

One of the smarter ways to avoid accidents is to deal with any issues of safety before they put people at risk. Safety checks can identify these so, while they should take place regardless, winter calls for you to carry out more.

Harnesses become an even more vital piece of equipment when you are working at height and there are poor weather conditions. This prevents slips and falls that can be serious. Slip-resistant boards and quality footwear can also aid with this.

The expert scaffolding Prudhoe can rely on is only a phone call away, so contact us today. HS Scaffolding sets up reliable and safe structures with care so that you can carry out the work. We also offer advice about the conditions and how you can maximise safety all year round.