Why have we used scaffolding for so long?

Everyone wants to feel safe when they are working on a construction project. We are a business that can assist you with this. We provide the most secure scaffolding Northumberland has to offer. With all our experience, we can supply solutions to customers who work in different industries.

Scaffolding is an access system we’ve used for hundreds of years. It gives workers a means of moving to where they need to be and also makes completing projects easier. There is one reason in particular why we’ve employed it for so long; it offers several advantages to its users. We’re going to talk about some of them here.

Better reach

We’ll begin with scaffolding’s main benefit. It provides reach that’s above arm’s length. This makes it great for work on higher ceilings or walls. With this structure, workers can get to the required height to finish their work. It is also great if there are accessibility problems.


Scaffolding’s second huge advantage is that it puts workers in a favourable position. You can achieve suitable reach and height via simpler methods like ladders. Nevertheless, ladders are angled and don’t supply a solid platform to balance yourself on either. With scaffolding though, you’re put directly in front of the exterior you need to attend to. You also won’t get any of the awkward angles.

When leverage comes into play, the stability and position you get from a scaffold can be a significant boon. Moreover, scaffolding offers a broader surface. This means various workers can operate together without much trouble.


The final reason why scaffolding is advantageous is that it’s safe. It’s supportive and has four or more anchor points on the ground. This gives workers a firm platform to work from, sit or stand on. In addition it can offer access without needing to enter a property.

At HS Scaffolding we have solutions available for both domestic and private projects. Our team have a lot of experience, making us the leading name for scaffolding Northumberland has. When you work with us we offer first rate installation and quick removal at the conclusion of the project.

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