When do you need scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a structure that is common to see in the world of construction. It plays an important role in a variety of scenarios. When making the decision of whether a project needs scaffolding Blyth based clients need not worry; it is simple for us to establish whether you require it for your situation.


Working at a high level often calls for a scaffold due to health and safety requirements. If there are multiple people working on the job this need will be even greater. You might be able to access the height without difficulty, but what about working at that level and moving around? The scaffold makes it easier to stay safe and is great for when a ladder is not perfect.

Time Frame

If the construction job in question will take a few days, it is likely that your best bet will be to set up scaffolding. This will stay where you need it and can act as protection for the area you are working on. Arranging for scaffolding to be set up for a task that will not take long will be unnecessary in terms of time and cost.


A project might involve many different workers doing what they need to at the same time. A scaffold is a very convenient way for everyone to move around. In addition, you can set up a chute in which to drop materials rather than putting any passers-by at risk.

Need For A Platform

Having somewhere you can put all your tools and materials for easy access is valuable. This makes moving around safer and quicker to allow for swift completion of the job at hand. A scaffold is perfect in these cases.

HS Scaffolding specialises in securing safe and reliable structures for your job. We take the utmost care in order to ensure correct configuration for ease throughout your project. Various sectors can be catered for, so when they want scaffolding Blyth customers should rely on a leading provider like us. Pick up the phone and speak to our team today.