What shouldn’t I do when using scaffolding?

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There’s one primary issue with safety when you’re working on scaffolding; it’s whether the scaffold is actually safe to use. Experts under capable supervision should erect it. Moreover, you need to thoroughly inspect it prior to use. Also, every worker has to wear the correct protective equipment. There are plenty of actions you should avoid when working on scaffolding too.

Don’t leave anything behind

Avoid leaving anything on the scaffold once a shift ends. This includes tools and building materials. It’s possible for them to get blown off. Additionally, they could cause tripping incidents for people later on.

Observe weight limits

You shouldn’t overload the scaffold either. When trained, builders learn about the maximum intended load of scaffolds. They also find out about the scaffold’s load-carrying abilities. Most of the time, scaffolds should have the means to support four times their total load. You need to be careful not to exceed it.

Look for any issues

It may seem like someone has tampered with the scaffold or damaged it in some way. If this is the case, then you should not use it. There could be components missing, such as toe boards, guardrails, or planking. To get the scaffold in working condition, contact a supervisor right away. Don’t attempt any repairs yourself.

At HS Scaffolding, we’ve helped clients with maintenance, repair, and renovation projects. We strive to be the most flexible providers of scaffolding Blyth has. In addition we take safety very seriously. This is why we have approval from the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme. It means you can rest easy knowing that we’re supplying you with reliable services.

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