Some of the different uses of scaffolding

We are a team of experts that can set up the scaffolding Hexham contractors need for various purposes. Scaffold is popular due to its usefulness as well as great affordability. The stable structures are suitable for multiple sectors and have more uses than you might realise.

With the correct set up, scaffolding is very sturdy and can reach great heights. We serve clients across the North East to meet their needs through our comprehensive work. You can rely on us to provide scaffold for:

Cleaning & Renovations

Buildings need cleaning to protect the materials and sometimes have to undergo renovations. This includes domestic and commercial properties along with famous structures like the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty.

Cleaning windows might seem simple but on certain buildings gaining the right access can be difficult. Scaffolding can help you get where you need to be. It can offer the same excellent accessibility for various types of building work, providing a safe platform to work from.

Setting Up Event Equipment

A lot of events involve the use of scaffolding. This includes sport events that need it for commentators and camera operators. Concerts also need it for speakers and lighting. You might not think it takes much effort, but it needs to be set up by an expert for safety reasons. This will ensure that it can hold people as well as equipment.


It is a great idea to place adverts high up where they will get a lot of visibility. You can do this on a number of structures in various locations and it will be effective. Scaffold can help people working on tall billboards as well as other high-rise advertising spaces.

There are a number of other tasks where a scaffold is helpful, such as when painting or carrying out building inspections. We are happy to design scaffolding to suit all of these needs.

People have used scaffolds for years and will continue to in the future. You should always use a company that knows how to achieve reliable results if you need one. We have the expertise and excellent customer service skills to provide the scaffolding Hexham can trust. We are happy to take on simple and complex jobs, so get in touch today.