Important considerations for safe scaffolding

When people are working on scaffold they should ensure safety all times. The proper precautions can help keep the risks to a minimum and prevent an avoidable accident. This is vital for all forms of work for the sake of both workers and bystanders. As one of the leading names for scaffolding Hexham has, we would like to offer some advice about the most important ways to maximise safety.

Have A Secure Set-Up

The design of a scaffold needs to be structurally sound so that it stays in place. If it is not secured to the structure, it can become unstable and potentially collapse. You need to take steps to prevent this, including ensuring it is stable and properly fastened together.

Use Guardrails

This is a simple part of the scaffolding that is vital. They should be on the sides facing away from the structure but the placement also depends on certain rules. In a lot of situations, people recommend that they are on the area that faces the building as this can be a risk too. A guardrail is something that you can use alongside fall protection gear for complete safety.

Be Aware Of Load Capacity

Depending on the needs of the work and the design of the scaffold, load handling changes. Many people fail to consider this as there are many loads at each stage of the work.

To ensure that safety is not compromised you should never overload scaffolding. You need to consider all possible weights, including workers, tools and materials. In addition you must factor in anything leaning things against guardrails. You might be trying to speed up the work but overloading is not worth the risk to the workers and people passing by.


If you want to ensure the safety and structural integrity of the scaffolding at all times, you should check and inspect it. This should happen at regular intervals, especially when the work is going on over a few days. The base should be secure and level without any obstructions. You should check that people put tools away and that there is no rubbish.

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