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Winter weather and scaffolding – tips for staying safe

It is clear that you should always take measures to ensure everyone is safe in relation to access when working. This is even more important when it comes to scaffold. As the leading name for scaffolding Prudhoe has, we appreciate this. We also understand that additional steps are necessary with the changing of the weather. Staff wellbeing is a priority that no one should ever overlook. You should remain vigilant at all times to protect people and those passing by the temporary structure. Continue reading “Winter weather and scaffolding – tips for staying safe” »

Important considerations for safe scaffolding

When people are working on scaffold they should ensure safety all times. The proper precautions can help keep the risks to a minimum and prevent an avoidable accident. This is vital for all forms of work for the sake of both workers and bystanders. As one of the leading names for scaffolding Hexham has, we would like to offer some advice about the most important ways to maximise safety. Continue reading “Important considerations for safe scaffolding” »